MIDWATER is a place for Marine Imagination.
Aside, above and below the Aegean Sea,
we provide a unique context for artists 
to explore ocean-minded narratives. 
forlane 6 studio mathieu goussin diving midwater artist residency
The midwater platform for marine creatives is organised by Forlane 6 Studio, a duo composed by Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin. Forlane VI is the name of their floating workshop, an old sailing boat from 1973 based in Poros Island. Hortense is a french visual artist and Mathieu works on large ships in the merchant navy. Their practice explores themes of environmental dystopia, and eco-anxiety. Their works depict irrational aquatic fictions in the form of sculptural installations and performances.

forlane 6 studio installation art diving midwater residency
MIDWATER is the extension of the universe of our old sailing boat the Forlane VI. The boat is the essential tool of the Midwater Projects where any form of nomadic experiments can take place. We can help you with a specific work or collaborate with you to explore specific subjects. 
Between lightness and confinement, evolving beneath the sea matches the sentiment of our current times: a low visibility, the difficulty to move without instruments and the incapacity to determine where the noise comes from.
The Midwater area's base is Poros and Galatas, it expands to the Saronic Islands and the Peloponnese. Poros is located only an hour away by ferry from Athens. 
The focus of the Midwater Projects is to provide time to re-consider the marine world, it's essentialness, resilience and fragility. We wish to offer solutions for artists to work with no sense of urgency in a low tech and collaborative spirit with recycled and repurposed second hand materials. The water front atelier is equipped with the classic garage tools and we hope to build more specific ones such as the Precious Plastic Machines.

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